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| 2018 Fall Radiothon

October 17th - 26th, 2018
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THANK YOU for offering your time to Radio Boise! After accepting this disclaimer, you will be considered registered as a Radio Boise volunteer, and we'll count on seeing you during the shifts you picked or are assigned. Remember, the shifts you picked aren't guaranteed. If needed, we may contact you to rearrange your shifts or trade with another volunteer (if it fits in your schedule) so we can ensure all the shifts get covered.
Being a volunteer for Radio Boise is awesome, and fun, and a really important part of the community here in the Treasure Valley. Many awesome people have gone before you and we're so glad to have you on the team for this event.
By signing up to volunteer, you agree to the following:
1. You will not show up for your shifts intoxicated or get intoxicated while you are volunteering. According to Idaho State law, if you are performing security at an event you are not allowed to drink during or before your shift. If you are going to drive for Radio Boise, either in our Electric Vehicle, or your own vehicle, you are not allowed to consume alcohol or recreational drugs within five (5) hours before the time you will be driving. There are some other volunteer shifts that allow for a drink if you are 21 or older, but we ask that you remember you are a representative of the station and behave accordingly. If you are not sure what that means for the task you are performing, just ask!
2. You will be a respectful person while you are representing the station, including before and after your shifts while at an event. That means everything from treating others like you would want to be treated, to showing up on time for your shift, to being as helpful as you can to staff and other volunteers. You know, be cool!
3. You shall defend, indemnify and hold Boise Community Radio Project, its officers, officials, employees and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with the performance of this Agreement.

If there are any issues arising from your volunteer time with this event or any Radio Boise related activities, you may be asked to leave the event or be permanently excluded from volunteering with Radio Boise depending on the severity of the action as determined by Radio Boise staff.

If you agree with these statements, you can sign up to volunteer!
We're really grateful that you want to help and look forward to working with you!
- The Radio Boise family